Gorenjska gradbena družba d.d.

The beggininngs of our company date back to 1962, when Cestno podjetje Kranj d.d. was established. It was a company for maintenance and construction of roads. In 2011 the company renamed itself into Gorenjska gradbena družba d.d.. Throughout the years we have expanded and developed into a  company that is successfully engaged in design process of roads, civil engineering, building bridges, road tunnels, viaducts, construction, wastewater treatment plant. With that we offer comprehensive services in the construction field. We maintain almost 1400 km of national and local roads. Strong emphasis is given to ecology and sustainable development. Throughout this period, the company has been growing and is today the leading construction company in the region of Gorenjska.
The company owns four material production bases, namely the asphalt plant Naklo, the concrete plant Podbrezje, the quarry Kamna Gorica and the gravel pit Bistrica. The quarry has an annual production rate of 50,000 to 60,000 m3 of sand; the annual production rate in the gravel pit is between 70,000 to 80,000 m3. In the gravel pit we also carry out collection, processing and disposal of waste. It is also used as a landfill for storing salt with a capacity of about 20,000 tons. Production of materials is controlled by our own laboratory; we have the appropriate certificates for all of the materials.
The company regularly takes care of development, quality and ecology. A major project over the next two years will be the construction of a new Benninghoven asphalt plant, which will have a mixing capacity of 240 tons/hour. This will also be the first asphalt plant in Slovenia with the ability of hot recycling. In the asphalt production 50% of the recycled material will be used that the company has been storing in the gravel pit Bistrica.